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Our Experiences Tell the Depth of Our Story

I’ve been going through some old boxes in my garage lately, organizing them and placing things in categories for use in the office, the kitchen, around the house, craftmanship, and seasonal activities.

In going through my most recent boxes, I have been finding droves of material from early in my career as a project controls specialist, marketer, and media manager. I saw so many starting places, areas of endless creativity, innovation, and mental & emotional stimulation. Not only was I incredibly aspirational and goal-driven, but I did those things I aspired to as well. I set things in motion.

Looking at your past accomplishments – and even old goals that you may have had – tells you how much you have already achieved thus far. It lets you know how God was with you, inspiring your dreams even, as you moved from one step, one place in life to another.

Your innovation doesn’t have to stop with the desires of your past. God is with you now, and He has placed His inspiration within you.

Ask yourself, what is it that I would like to achieve, and how was I able to achieve commitments to myself in the past? Let yourself know just how valuable that you are – God knows it already!

Now grab a sheet of notebook paper or your notebook, and write these words at the top:


We all know that we can do it, but remind yourself just how capable you are of moving forward in your Godly commitments to yourself, your family, your health, your career, your education, and any endeavor or pursuit God places before you.

Your experiences tell the depth of your story. So, how is God wanting to use your purpose to motivate you now?

Underneath the first line you have written, begin to write a list of your experiences, accomplishments, and/or gifts and talents.

Now meditate on these notes you have written. Take them before God in your special prayer time, pray over yourself and them, and commit to what’s written here and the outcome of what you would like to achieve.

Even if you’re in a completely new place in life, your gifts will always make room for you (Proverbs 18:6).

From your list, God will give you vision, structure, and the answers to how you should move forward in all of your endeavours. Look at the gifts God has put into your hands, and make a determination on what you are going to do with your God-given gifts! Trust God with all, and walk in the experiences and gifts God has given you!

Now, share your story, too!


P.S., Kaye Howard

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