Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Unexpected Blessings

God always has a blessing for us, even if they are yet to be revealed.

I found joy in one of God’s unexpected blessings today, and to God I am thankful. In one assignment, God continued to prod me to cover all my bases and double check things before I moved forward. In my daily task movements, I was unable to get to it until the house settled down and I had completed my final day’s tasks.

In the quiet of the night, I almost went to bed, deciding to complete my final task tomorrow because of my tiredness. God governed me to complete the last task (I fell asleep at one point along the way, lol), and in getting it done, God revealed a special and unexpected blessing.

Just when we least expect it, God leads us to newly discovered blessings He wants to share with us. He knows what’s on your heart. All we have to do is follow His leading; in it, we will find unexpected pleasure and gifts given by our King.

Thank You, God!

– Kaye Howard

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