Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Building Blocks

Once we get started on something new, we don’t have to feel overwhelmed or feel as though we don’t measure up to the place we started.

We just have to remember one thing: building blocks.

When you start, you are laying the foundation. There will be different experiences throughout the many phases of the building process; as we move forward, we can build upon our foundation with the tools, resources, and motivation of our environment. What is right and fitting for this phase? God has given you something valuable. You are building something worth achieving.

You realize what works best for you, and you give yourself thoughtful words of encouragement as you work towards achieving milestones and progress along the way.

Never think of yourself as a failure! Just move forward, with each step, each accomplishment, and each goal becoming a building block to your overall mission to success.

How will you use the experiences God has given to you and turn them into building blocks for your accomplishments?

P.S., Kaye

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