Saturday, June 22, 2024
The Year of 2020

4 Nights of Reflection

In the remaining four nights of this year, I will satisfy God’s given topic, reflecting upon the blessings and lessons of the Year of 2020.

In the Year of 2020, we have gained both the blessing and lesson of what worship means to God.

If we listened closely, we can hear God tell us to honor Him with our worship, to seek Him in new ways, and to enlarge the body of Christ by grafting in those whom He reached in simple, effective, and unconventional ways of worship.

Yes, 2020 moved us from the churchouse into the home, but it also drew us to a place where our sincerity with God was awakened, where His outreach was able to grow through us, and where we kindly received and responded to the depth of His voice.

The world was quiet around us, the soliliquy of the birds’ chirps rang high, and God’s aroma continuously filled the air.

If we listen closely, His words and aroma fill the air still.

Let us not rush back to the way things were so suddenly, for His work is yet to be done. Let us listen closely to the voice of the Lord as we enter into this new season so heavily on the door among us, and grasp what it is that the Lord desires to tell us, to show us, and to prove us more.

Let His blessing of worship be of value to you, and let His valuable lesson of love restore you again.

These are some of the Blessings and Lessons of 2020.

P.S., Kaye Howard

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