Monday, April 22, 2024
Faith Inspiring You! Prayer and Peace Radiant Woman

With God’s Strength, Overcome, and Walk into New Spaces!

When you look back and see the places that you have walked through, you realize that there is nothing you can’t overcome with God’s strength.

As my husband and I reflected together this evening, we recalled some of our hard health challenges and their experiences and how the Lord not only walked us through but also led us into new experiences.

Although former experiences may be challenging, that doesn’t mean we will never experience newer, brighter, and ones.

Trust in the Lord and lean on Him, and watch as He gives you the strength and ability to walk into places of newness and Joy with Him. God will never let us down; yet, He builds us up. And it is in His building where we find the strength to overcome and to move forward.

Always remember that the Lord is on our side, and with His strength, we can be an overcomer! And that overcoming gives you the ability to walk into new spaces!

P.S., Kaye

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