Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Let God Write Your Story

As I came out of yesterday, I’d worked a lot to finish some of my goals – and to stay on schedule with what I had planned for today.

As I experienced the morning sunlight in our home, the Lord encouraged me to simply enjoy the day as it happens. Don’t force it. Allow what happens to happen. The Lord has made this day, and He has orchestrated all that is to take place within it.

Experience the Lord on this day!


As I awaken I realize that:

1) I really need rest, and

2) At the end of this week, we’ve come to the end of something old, yet the start of something so new.

3) With God, all fear (worry, concern) is eliminated.

4) Have joy in all things.

5) God has a reason for all things.

God completed our day with His promise: the soothing, yet thunderous sound of His rain, and a beautiful rainbow set to the cloudy ombre of the sky.

Let God be the writer of your story. You’ll find joy in His pleasure.

P.S., Kaye, inslusions from Pastor Seneca

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