Monday, May 20, 2024
Faith Inspiring You! Journey Radiant Woman

Tips to Help You Stay Committed to the Journey

As a Radiant Woman, there may be many things that require your attention. But getting things done doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. Here are a few thoughts to consider just when your plate seems to be piling high:

  1. Remember that God is with you. You can talk to God about all you have before you. Let Him know, “Lord, I thank you for being with me. Please give me your peace and direction.” God is with you and will give you His perfect peace.
  2. It’s OK to gather your thoughts. When you’re feeling like there is much to do, take time to breathe. Jot down your thoughts; when you’re ready, step into your next move.
  3. Put in your best, then rest. Dedicate today’s work unto the Lord, and let Him orchestrate what remains. What He blesses your hands to complete is good enough.
  4. Take some time for you. Watch the sunset or have peaceful time of reflective prayer. Whatever you choose, take time for yourself in a way that elevates your peace.

When your days are filled with hustle and bustle, stay committed to the journey. These helpful tips are resourceful tools that serve as welcomed reminders that God is always here, guiding you along the way.

P.S., Kaye Howard

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