Monday, May 20, 2024
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A Storm, A Path, and A Love Story

We talked one evening in a booth at our neighborhood Chili’s. The room was filled with people and was noisy, as many fajita skillets sizzled by us that night.

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As we talked, condensation from our untouched glasses ran onto the table. I’m still unsure how many times the waiter asked if we were ready to order or if we needed a minute that night. I remember my words to you as we shared in an impactful conversation concerning our future. This would be our Red Sea moment. Sure, we would face new obstacles and challenges on the other side, but this time we would face them together, and, with the help of God, we would overcome – and still will overcome – them all! That night, we chose each other and the actions that it would take to make it happen. Kaye Brown, you are still my choice for now and forevermore – daily I work to love you as Christ loved His Church. With all of my strength and might and with all of my heart and soul, I will love you forever with purpose, because God created and destined me to do so…

Do your best daily to love your spouse with purpose, because you were created by God to do so. This is also a form of reverence and worship unto Him.

P.S., ‘A Storm, A Path, and A Love Story’ by Seneca & Kaye Howard

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