Saturday, May 18, 2024
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A Perfect Day of Cooking and Baking

One of the things I enjoy the most is cooking and baking in my home. Well, it’s been a few months of time since I was last able to bake (I’ve been trying to lay off the baked sweets and incorporate healthier choices, like salads and shakes). So, because we’d made our special barbecue sauce this weekend and because I was browsing a few foodie recipes and TV shows, I decided to make a pineapple upside down cake for my husband (OK, for me, too! 😊).

We had the best dinner: cast-iron cajun- seared wings finished in the air fryer, topped with our Savory Sweet Smoke BBQ sauce; Garlic Butter Cream Herb Wings; Seasoned Fries; Cheesy Cajun BBQ Smoked Burgers; and yes, Pineapple Upside Down Cake made with my perfect glaze. I didn’t get to it all right away like I wanted to today; but I got to it at just the right time. It was wonderful.

Cooking is one of my favorite things, and it was fun to explore, to make my own sauces and seasonings, and to push through even through obstacles in the kitchen.

Cooking gives us a great perspective about the many layers of life and problem-solving. Thinking things through can give us a better perspective of pleasing God in our challenges while also helping us respond to the quickly changing environment around us. I enjoy thinking in the kitchen because it gets me moving. It allows my mind the space to explore and for me to create something so perfectly new.

Whatever it is that brings you peace and joy, allocate yourself that time and space to think, create, plan new ideas, and execute them. You’ll be sure glad you did.

P.S., Kaye Howard

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