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A Storm, A Path, and A Love Story

I’d planned a trip back to Charleston, my hometown, for my birthday – I’d always spent every birthday with my family – and without a second thought whisked myself away on a mini-cation. I was heavily submerged in my work as a project controls specialist and marketer for a civil engineering firm and as a community planner for special events around Tampa and took my work bag with me along with my bright smile back to the Charleston area. A few weeks later, when I returned to Florida, I relaxed one evening and decided to make a call.

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As we spoke, we laughed, shared stories, recalled special moments in our lives and found common connection over so many things. The biggest – our love and passion for God and that we were both community servants. From the start, I’ve always felt a strong connection with and pull toward “this guy” – a strong pull that seemed it could not ever be broken. I’d not been thinking of my “list” in this moment – just enjoying a great, endless conversation with “this guy.” I recalled to him that in the weeks prior, I’d been to a get-together with friends who shared with me that their faith and confidence in God no longer existed because of some things they’d seen in church throughout their lives. It had made me cry right there on the spot as I spoke with them about having faith in God and that they could still believe – in my heart of hearts, I believed that they knew this and hoped they’d felt my sincerity. As we spoke further, Seneca affirmed and assured me so.


Two… three… hours pass as our conversation moves along even further. His conversation was meaningful, filled with substance and honest. As our conversation came to an end that night, I looked forward to speaking with him even more. His spirit somehow resonated positively with me; with joy in my heart I thought of his words to me as I drifted off to sleep…

P.S., ‘A Storm, A Path, and A Love Story’ by Seneca & Kaye Howard

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