Saturday, June 22, 2024
Radiant Woman Summit

The Sweet Smell and Aroma of a Fresh Start

An unexpected treasure showed up today in our backyard garden: the emergence of new Celosias. We recently had them planted in the summertime, and soon after, they all died. But today, in the place of what was thought to be nothing living, these beautiful red plants made their debut beyond the deep soil below.

I’d gone out to my sunroom with my doggie to visit our plants within, and as I peeled the curtains back and peeked out the window, I saw the beautiful colors that had emerged from the ground below. In awe, I expressed my excitement and joy of having seen something come from what was thought to have been dead.

I found joy in the splendor of this moment, for it was yet a profound one, and ran outside to experience it further. A dead one laid still next to it, but it, too, remains in the perfect condition to grow. Laying there in the soil, they all gave back to the earth the necessary ingredients for growth. Bees buzzed past me as I leaned in, and as I drew closer, I could smell the sweetness of the garden’s aroma.

Through all of this, I am reminded of the unique ability of God’s work in all of our lives, how He emerges and brings to life from soil that was cultivated and seeds which were planted long ago. Let this be your season of emergence. For, you, too, can be like trees that grow beside a stream, growing and bearing fruit at the right time (ref. Psalm 1:3).

Take joy in this unique and distinctive moment of change, for it truly is one of God’s cultivation and promise.

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