Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Using God’s Daily Experiences to Inspire Our Tomorrows

We experience so much in our day-to-day life, and there are times where God’s experiences within them fuel our inspiration for tomorrow.

As I reflect upon my day, there were so many significant moments that were recognizable and that inspired my pursuit for what God has prepared for us to accomplish.

1). Experiencing Nature: Sometimes it’s not about always having something on our agenda. We should take time to wake up with coffee, sit in our garages, under a tree, or on our porch stoops, and capture the quiet calm of the day in joyous chat with one another. This is how I started my day.

2). Be Intentful About the Peace God Gives: It’s important that we recognize the presence of God’s peace among us and experience it in all fullness. Bring in the quiet calm. Catch an old flick, and listen to the sounds of God’s peaceful presence. God brought my attention to one of my old favorite movies – ‘My Girl’. And watch it I did.

3) Do Something You Love: Cooking has always brought me joy, and I desired to prepare a wholesome meal for my husband and I today. Cooking is one of my favorite things to do, and creating new recipes – and cooking “oldies, but goodies” – brings me peace, happiness, and joy. Today’s Menu: Scalloped Potatoes with Marinated Chicken and Mac-N-Cheese!

3). Never Miss An Opportunity to Look Out the Window: There is so much of God’s beauty to see; all you have to do is let Him lead you to His color and vibrancy. I was incredibly drawn to the color on top of the trees outside my kitchen window. All of the most beautiful colors of fall were prominently displayed at their treetops. Colors of pink and shades of red enveloped by the radiant hue of the sky’s orange and blues.

4). Enjoying the Moment: Take the time to enjoy all of life’s moments that God shares with us. From sharing a meal to the setting of the sun and enjoying a new and interesting TV series, make sure to take in all the moments that are given to us by God.

5) Each Moment Makes Us Ready for the Next: With each new step comes a new experience with wisdom gained from our past. They together with God give us momentum and something to look forward to – even our new goals to be reached in our future. So, let your God experiences influence your movement. Let them give you hope and Godly anticipation for what He wants you to experience in tomorrow – and the days ahead.

God’s experiences will always give you the right perspective and will lead you into the right objectives as you live in and discover all that He has for you.

Blessings and favor,

P.S., Kaye Howard

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