Saturday, June 22, 2024
Start with Diligence

A Healthy Perspective on Introspection

The Book of James in the Bible really challenges our faithful actions.

It causes us to weigh our:

  • faith,
  • behavior,
  • actions,
  • motives,
  • and ultimately, our heart for God.

James chapters 4 & 5 has a unique positioning.

It offers a healthy perspective on self-evaluation and action as well as community reflection and action (or lack thereof).

James causes us to see a clear and concise distinction of our behaviors and actions and also whether or not we are motivated to change them for the better – or rather choose to eliminate correction and foresight of the truth.

Read this Book of James.

Now, how will we allow this most gracious book to shed light on us so that we allow the preserverance of God’s work to become us?

– Kaye Howard

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