Saturday, May 18, 2024
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When Something Different Grows

A few months ago, I planted some grape tomato seeds, and for days and weeks I eagerly awaited for there to be some sign of growth.

When something did begin to peek its head from the soil, it looked different than what I had planted.

As I evaluated my little pot tonight, I found joy in this fact that growth took place, even though it was something different than what I had planted.

Often times in life, we pray and plant seeds of faith. We do the work and think that something will grow, but sometimes things can turn out different than what we desired them to be. In this space, we should find joy and should not be discouraged, because seeds planted in faith still produce a harvest.

Cultivate your soil, plant your seeds of faith, and rejoice in what God grows in your life even when things turn out differently that what you wanted them to be.

Just because it’s not what you expected does not mean it’s unusable. Rejoice for your growth, and give thanks for your gift from God.

P.S., Seneca & Kaye Howard

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