Wednesday, April 24, 2024
The Year of 2020

4 Nights of Reflection

In the remaining four nights of this year, I will satisfy God’s given topic, reflecting upon the blessings and lessons of the Year of 2020.

Blessings of 2020

This year, we have gained the blessing of time. God has given us all the measure of time to use in a manner that is valuable and useful to us. For me personally, through the blessing of time I have gained rest, pursuit of purpose, and the opportunity to see the Lord from a new perspective. We have all been given a measure of time to evaluate that which is before us. We have gained the worth of understanding the time that we have, perhaps even gaining the value that is in truly cherishing each moment and breath God gives to us. How we all consumed and reflected on the essence of time is where the blessing is found.

Lessons of 2020

This year, we learned the lesson of compassion. This seems like too large a category to discuss, but if we all look closely, perhaps we will see the abundance of compassion that’s necessary – if perhaps hearts are opened to it. We would see the needs of others, putting them before our own. We would empathize with another’s suffering and end the oppressive knee. The world would treat each other more kindly, perhaps, and love as Christ tells us to love. We’d recognize the loss of another, and want there to be reparations for it. We all need compassion at one time or another; yet, we must remember: when the time is right, it may be our opportunity to give it, and to give it selflessly.

These are some of the Blessings and Lessons of 2020.

P.S., Kaye Howard

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