Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Accomplishing and Affirming the Work that the Lord has Placed Before You

I started my morning with coffee. I grinded it (well, my husband did), then placed my coffee grounds in my clever dripper. I also made my husband and me an omelet as I began my day. I entered my office and pulled out my daily planner. These are the task assignments that the Lord has […]

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How to Cross Things Off Your List

This season for me has been all about lists and accomplishing everything that God has for me to do. It’s time to cross them off! In particular, this season has been about moving forward, getting things done, and ensuring preparations and a firm foundation for the next season. Over the past few days, there were […]

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Balance Faith Prayer and Peace Radiant Woman

God is My Strength, My Ability, and My Reason for Living!

Keep focused on God. Continue to pursue Him. He will see you through. Every day, we just ask God for His perfect strength, and He will motivate us, comfort us, prepare us, and will help us win in His accomplishments. Don’t ever lose sight of God’s goal in you; because, if He places it within […]

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Balance Faith Inspiring You! Radiant Woman

Keeping a steady focus and staying motivated

Staying focused and motivated to accomplish that which you set out to do will help you meet your goals. Each day’s “task list” may look a little different, but the work thereof is still necessary and relevant to help get you to your goals. Setting goals and milestones along the way is important: it helps […]

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