Saturday, May 18, 2024

The Right Anchor

I sometimes sit in my office at day’s end, and as I blog and complete my nightly meditation with the Lord, I watch my goldfish as I experience the quiet and sweet peace of the Lord around me.
They say that goldfish don’t really have very long memory spans…
As I have spent more and more time in my office with them, I’ve come to understand the nature of what their memories do hold.
It’s always seemed as though the smaller of the three has been kind of independent, the two larger fish sort of owning a collective space together.
Then, out of the blue, I observed the largest goldfish, “Cleofus,” beginning to exhibit undefined behaviors. I knew he was sick and that my making the right response and moves were of grand importance.
And then, I noticed something else. Each night the little guy, “Black Fin,” stuck by Cleofus’ side, encouraging him, in a sense, that “we need you here…you’re going to make it.”
Cleofus’ got better…and better.
Sometimes we just need the right “anchor” to encourage and support us from the right place. It is critical for us to thrive in the ecosystem in which God has planted us.
While God is my Governor, He has been gracious in giving me an incredible anchor in my husband – someone who sees me for who I am in Christ and who will speak directly to those things which attempt to destroy my life. My husband is someone who cares about the needs of our home and puts strategies in place to ensure Godly success above all.
God sees life and success in you – in me! His anchor will always be the right help.
– P.S., Kaye –

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