Thanking God

As my work day came to an end, I found myself to be very excited because the work I completed was very effective.

I was excited to be effective.

Being effective where we are is what being a Radiant Woman is all about. I never imagined the path to where I am, but it is where God placed me and a path that I am very happy and excited to be on.

Truly being effective means giving up self-reliance for full relaince on God with accountability and submission, a ‘letting go’ and following of God’s perfect structure. It is a structure that is working very well for me. And as long as I stay on this path, following His ways and His structure, His results will continue to be present.

P.S., Kaye

The Lord Preserves

When God creates a blessing, when He answers your prayer, He will preserve that which He has given to you.

Never look back – always look forward, asking God to make the way clear, knowing that with every step, you are walking in His footsteps.

There is so much more in store. I just have to trust and believe as I continue pursue God in ALL things.

God will preserve that which He gives. Remain strengthened in His Will.


P.S., Kaye

Building Blocks

I am very thankful for the peace, love, joy and excitement that the Lord has brought, for He has answered yet another prayer.

A specific designation has ended, and a new one has begun. I will take it with gratitude and action.

I will continue to seek the Lord in all that I do, follow His leadership, and continue to build upon what God has given.

For Lord, You are good.


P.S., Kaye

A New Thing

When God says, “It’s time,” it is time. No matter where you currently stand, rest assured that God has your best interest and His Will is BIGGER and better than ours.

So whatever is to happen from this, know that God is moving you to higher ground, to something better beyond your “now.”

Take joy, and live in God’s peace; for whatever He calls shall be. Trust and know that it is all for His glory and for your good.

P.S., Kaye

What I enjoyed this weekend

I enjoyed spending it with my husband.

I enjoyed having a clear mind and thought and the peace and joy that accompanied.

I enjoyed taking time to reflect. I enjoyed the rest, joy, and peace.

I enjoyed spending time with God, planning and preparing for my family.

I enjoyed it all – reading and experiencing everything that God had for us.

Thank You, God.

P.S., Kaye

Thanking God for the Day’s Experiences

I am thankful for today’s experiences, and I understand that I should only put my mind to the “here and now” for today – in that way, I experience the fullness of what the Lord has in every moment.

I enjoy spending time with my husband; we enjoy making memories together.

Today, we experienced the fullness of time. It was a memorable experience, and the presence of the Lord was surely with us.

What became memorable to me was that seeking the Lord brings about His goodness, all we have to do is be watchful and present in the moment to experience the blessings, good gifts, thay He would like to share with us.


P.S., Kaye

A Day of Thanksgiving

Today is a day of Thanksgiving. I’d like to thank God for His many gifts. Everything I asked of Him came to pass on this day.

I feel thankful. I am at peace, and I am fulfilled. Thank You, Lord, for the peace and perfection that You give. My hope is in You.


P.S., Kaye

Walking in the Now

I am thankful to the Lord for walking us into new spaces. There have been many pivotal moments of growth that You, Lord, have walked us through to get here. And now, we’re here – walking in and continuing to grow in your Word to us.

Our time is filled with the Lord and the goodness thereof. I am most thankful for the Lord’s love.

We give You glory, O Lord.



The Vision of The Lord

As things come more and more into fruition, my trust in the Lord’s vision is strengthened. God sees the path ahead and gently guides us with His hand.

So as I enter tomorrow, I seek the Lord for His plans and vision of accomplishment. He has been so good to us. His vision is why we are here today.

P.S., Kaye

Looking forward to tomorrow

Tomorrow begins something new – bricks building upon the foundation God has laid.

As I prepare my mind and my spirit, I reflect, and I thank the Lord for His goodness, for He IS good to us.

So, Lord, as I go about my business in tomorrow, help me to stay in your presence, walk in prayer, and keep Your peace. I look forward to ALL that tomorrow will bring.

In His Name,


P.S., Kaye