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Today’s new journey

August 1, 2020 –

Today’s new journey is the perfect start to achieving new goals – for this season and beyond. I’m looking forward to the results of what healthier, targeted choices will bring to my life. I am looking forward to the results of reaching for these goals.

There are a couple of things that I am uniquely focused on, and making the step forward must also end in completion. The things I set out to begin with today was achieving with Godly intent and focus: 1) starting on my daily video log – a system of tracking my progress; 2) beginning the official move of my social accounts to a passionate God-centered space; and 3) beginning progress toward professional and personal projects that inspire and focus on us (I am so thankful for my husband’s help!).

The process of completion is what will set the right foundation; and as time moves ahead we will reap the benefits of moving in Godly focus. And that’s worth looking forward to.

What projects are you looking forward to completing in your life?

P.S., Kaye

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