Saturday, May 18, 2024

Finding your ‘FREE’ in God

Finding your ‘free’ doesn’t always mean sitting comfortably on your deck by the lake as you read a book and cozy up to a perfect cup of #coffee. Sometimes finding your ‘free’ means taking it all in – everything that God has given you AND has freed you from, that is. Restless nights can be a pain in the neck, but the total rest that the Lord gives afterward can be complete bliss of freedom.

Sometimes I can clutter my mind with a million little things of every little thing before sorting it all out, moving to the next step, and somehow still feeling a sense of incompletion when it’s all said and done.

Finding your ‘free’ means being able to smile and say thank you after watching God having sorted it all out for your good.

Finding you ‘free’ means writing your blog with persistence, even when you feel you have nothing too important to say, but God inspires you as you happily type along, equipping you with a portion of Himself and a God-inspired word to share with another – YOU.

Finding your ‘free’ means knowing and understanding that He is the source where you can always find it, the place where it all just makes total sense.

Finding your ‘free’ means the freedom to move in a godly way – and to have no qualms about it. Just be.

– P.S., Kaye-

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