Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Finishing your goals

I accomplished every goal that was set in front of me today.

We often feel like we’re only “getting somewhere” once everything we start is completely finished and done.

However, plans sometimes change along the way, and we have to start a few items smaller at a time, then place them back on the shelf at the end of the day. Progress has begun.

Today, I was able to completely finish many of the items that I’d started at the beginning of the day – some were new, some had already begun. I accomplished.

Other items began with a little research here, a little doing there. Nevertheless, progress started. In the days to come, the larger items will be completed; however, finishing them will come a little easier since I have already begun.

The process to starting is simple: #startsomewhere. In only a little time you’ll see the completed results of your work: progress started and a job well done.

Look around you. Where is your starting place to completing some of your goals?

P.S., Kaye

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