Wednesday, July 24, 2024

God’s new experience

It’s cool in the house. It’s quiet. It’s Sunday. God has allowed me to experience something new with Him. Connecting with the Lord is so exciting!

God shared a new sunrise with me this morning. It’s incredible how God gives you new experiences from Him.

Experiencing the sunrise from a different location – a new angle – gave me so much new perspective of how much God cares for and loves ❤️ us.

The Lord caused a birdie – the SAME birdie I saw yesterday – to bang on my window and awaken me. As I got up to check things out, I noticed the glow of the sunrise in the sky. It was so beautiful that I began to look to see it from another window. As I went to the other window, the Lord caused the sun to brightly gleam into the window I had just left.

I was just so in awe.

I was bright. It was pure. It was refreshing.

It’s amazing: I get up every morning to catch the sunrise from another place in my home. But today, God allowed something different. He allowed a new, holy, and refreshing experience to take place. It is incredible how the Lord takes the familiar and increases our awareness of and experiences with Him. I am so glad, and my heart is full.

I am thankful, God, for your beautiful light, and I thank you for new experiences and this morning’s beautiful and special gift.

I pray for the Lord’s continual blessing in your lives, and for Him to share with you all a special blessing of His peace and His love.

P.S., Kaye

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