Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Goal-Setting: Getting to that one BIG thing

I thank God for His goal-setting process and for using the motivator in my husband to help me accomplish goals.

Today, a major goal was achieved – something so new, yet so relevant and necessary.

We often believe that large steps have to be taken for bigger goals to be achieved. But in my learning experience today, I understood even further that small steps make the difference!

As a creative thinker, I often think ideate, as I call it – about many things: wonder, creating, big ideas, pursuits of many sizes, and the adventure that comes along with it all. But in all that thinkin’, sometimes you’ll need a “grounder” to help balance out your pursuits. And having that in my husband is A-OK with me.

And while the process to balance and launching may sometimes be a teensy bit uncomfortable, trust and believe that the payoff is sure to reap valuable rewards.

Are you willing and ready to launch? What are steps that you will take to launching that next step?

P.S., Kaye

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