Saturday, June 22, 2024
Radiant Woman

A clear vision

In our journey, God will always set a clearly defined way of doing things.

This evening, I got to bake a cake. In the process of baking a cake, there are several steps that go into the process, and all steps are necessary to follow if you are to achieve the desired outcome.

In our list of ingredients, it is important not to omit anything and to include every proper thing at just the proper time for a “proper” cake.

And it’s just that: substitutions are only a fill in for the real thing. Sort of like baking with a box cake: it results in something that tastes good, but it is no substitution for the results and gratification that come along with putting every ingredient in yourself.

Thank you, God for reminding me to bake today, because it also causes me to be reminded that there are no shortcuts to doing things in God’s way and by His standard and measure. When God sets a precedent, He is clear with the set of defined rules and objectives, and to get to His perfect outcome, each and every step must be followed for ultimate, Godly success.

Reference – John 9:4

Your daughter,


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